Freemasonry is the worlds oldest fraternity. It started in “time immemorial” and became public in 1717, however the oldest known reference to Freemasonry is found in the Regius Poem circa 1390. The “craft” is often described as “a peculiar system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.”

To become a Freemason you must be a man, of good repute, who believes in a Supreme being. Who that being is, and how you express your faith are your private concern. You must only state that you believe.

The lessons of Freemasonry are initially expressed through participation in three degrees. During the ritual the candidate is escorted through a series of events that impart certain symbols and their meanings.

The beauty of symbolic language is the ability to encapsulate an idea in an instant that would otherwise take much time and energy to recreate.  The newly initiated candidate will come to notice a new world of symbolic meaning which surrounds us daily but few are aware of. Symbolic language has a timeless quality as well. As an initiate’s knowledge and experience change, deeper meanings of  symbols may be revealed.

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