If you are interested in Freemasonry, we invite you attend a meeting and get to know us. While you will not be allowed into the meeting itself, you will be able to attend the dinner before the meeting. You will get a chance to meet several Brothers and get your questions answered.

If you decide you are interested in joining, return for additional meetings until you decide to apply. Once you have submitted a petition to join, your application will be presented to the Lodge and an investigation committee formed. The committee will contact the character references you listed on your petition and schedule a time to meet with you in your home.

During this interview process the Investigation Committee will determine if you are right for Freemasonry, and more specifically for our Lodge. The committee will report their findings and you will either be accepted and have your initiation scheduled, you will be asked to consider a lodge more in line with your desires, or you will be informed if your petition has been denied.